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Whether large or small, self-insured or fully insured, all private sector employers that sponsor health and welfare plans have obligations under ERISA and other laws. In addition, many employers are unaware of these obligations and are surprised to learn of their liability for penalties and judgments when these obligations are not met.

Ongoing compliance support is critical, you can have access to knowledgeable specialists who can respond with accurate and legally sound counsel has become the new benchmark. The industry is compliance-heavy; new regulations continually being issued force organizations to meet regulatory requirements from the Internal Revenue Service, Department of Labor, and the federal government. Our stringent compliance efforts offer protection from incurring liabilities. Let us help you stay in compliance with reporting and regulatory requirements!

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Benefit Administration System

Streamline employee management and reduce billing issues.  Put your employee in the driver seat with easy to use navigation and communication tools!

  • Efficient

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  • All-in-One

  • Accessible

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No More Paper, EVER!

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At Kitchner Benefits, we believe in the importance of working with local and national agencies to help uplift and support our community. That is why we proudly support the following organizations:

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