Founded in 1975, we are your local consulting firm that advise and provide employee benefit packages, life insurance, business overhead insurance, business valuations and financial services for all size organizations. All tailored to your business needs! 

We are proud to be recognized as top producers for major carriers in the health and ancillary market.  We find solutions, not excuses. 

We explore, strategize, and offer what fits your needs.

Kitchner Benefits offers benefit administration solutions to meet your goals and help ease your process.  Get the help you want when you want it. Kitchner Benefits uses the one stop, one shop approach.

We can examine your Employee benefits, HR process, payroll, workers comp, life and business policies, compliance, and your 401K.  We have compiled a great team and can advise on how to minimize your expenses and get maximum results.  

Our Financial Services Include:

Benefit Administration System

Streamline employee management and reduce billing issues.  Put your employee in the driver seat with easy to use navigation and communication tools!

  • Efficient

  • Paperless

  • All-in-One

  • Accessible

  • Control

  • Secure

No More Paper, EVER!

Community Involvement

At Kitchner Benefits, we believe in the importance of working with local and national agencies to help uplift and support our community. That is why we proudly support the following organizations:

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